On social indiscipline

por Ariel Montenegro

Fellow journalists whom I personally esteem have spoken lately in the state-run media about events of which one only ever heard rumors, and missed the official version, checked sources and deep investigation of the causes: elements of thorough journalism which are very much needed now that ETECSA makes mobile data accessible to all, and any thoughtless person can publish whatever he or she wants.

Thanks to our good journalism, I have found the culprits.

The sad spectacle at Cuatro Caminos is the fault of the undisciplined people. Dirty streets are the fault of the loutish people. Poor public transportation is the fault of the neglectful people. Shortages are the fault of the hoarding people. High prices are the fault of the speculating people. The very low productivity of work is the fault of the lazy people. Uncivilized, clumsy, ungrateful. As Brecht would say: ‘Would it not in that case be simpler/for the government/To dissolve the people/And elect another?’

Fortunately, the media inform us. Fortunately, the administrators of the media dictate the agendas according to the needs of the people. Fortunately, all those truths come from people with the talent and the decency I don’t have. For want of them, I’ve had to resign myself to missing the journalism I studied, but obviously failed to learn.

(Translated from the original)