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cuban government

Electronic Government vs. Open Government

We’re still wet behind the ears in the implementation of electronic government

Analysis of a Slogan

Countries do not think…

Something That Must Be Defended

Human beings tend to focus their anger on what is closest; on what’s in front of them.

Cuban Education and Its Challenges

I am worried that the rise in wages be taken as a sine qua non condition to impose ways of thinking attached to forms of fainthearted pigeonholing which fragment Cuban society…

The Curious Case of an Honest Bureaucrat

The grave mistake of the MES deputy minister, in truth, was committing an unforgivable sin for a bureaucrat in her trade: honesty.

Miami in a bubble

Is the opposition to the Cuban government in Miami proposing a more perfect socialism?

You will win, but you will not win us over

‘You will win, but you will not win us over. You will win because you have colossal brute force, but you will not win us over, because to win someone over means to persuade. And to persuade you need something you lack in this fight: reason and right (…)’ Miguel de Unamuno, 1936...

Cubans on a Dangerous Journey

The Republic belongs to everyone. Even so, what is shown is an abandonment of Cuban migrants by the government ...

How to Raise the Real Wage

Let’s not get our hopes up; the rise in wages can only get government employees and pensioners so far…

Latest news

Los Críticos del Hortelano

Es necesario abrir camino a la crítica de arte real

El triunfo del MAS en Bolivia

La victoria del MAS nos insufla esperanzas

¿Agendas sociales impuestas o deudas pendientes?

Las redes sociales y medios alternativos son una alternativa para esta sociedad civil atada

Rescatar la crítica del Noticiero ICAIC

Obviar la información sobre los errores y sus causas impide rectificar lo mal hecho y atenta contra el derecho ciudadano

La sorpresa boliviana

Por el renacimiento del Estado plurinacional, con espacio para todos
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