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El Consejo Editorial está compuesto por periodistas e intelectuales con responsabilidades editoriales en La Joven Cuba

The CDR in Cuba, from Enthusiasm to Faith

An organization without its original enthusiasm

Editorial sobre el Telegram de LJC

LJC adopta nuevas reglas en su canal de Telegram LJC-Debate

Democracy in the Time of Twitter

Opportunities and challenges in a new scenario

Nota aclaratoria

Corregimos un error publicado ayer

The Excesses of the Pandemic

We know what to do to fight the virus

We the Ungrateful

We have all the right in the world to joke

Monetary and Exchange Unification

The cost of ignoring economic laws will be serious

A Nation without Immigration

An incentive for demographic and economic growth

The exclusion of Celia Cruz in Cuba

Why does Celia appear now in Cuban television?

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