Amnesty International: On the case of five cubans imprisoned in the us for protecting cuba against terrorism


Background and history of the case

This report describes Amnesty International’s concerns about the fairness of the trial of five men imprisoned in theUSAsince 1998 on charges related to their activities as intelligence agents for the Cuban government. The men, known as the Cuban Five, are Cuban nationals Fernando González (aka Ruben Campa), Gerardo Hernández and Ramón Labañino (aka Luis Medina), andUSnationals Antonio Guerrero and René González. All are serving long prison sentences in US federal prisons……..

…… After a lengthy pre-trial detention, and a jury trial before the federal district court inMiami,Florida, lasting nearly seven months, the five were convicted in June 2001 on a combined total of 26 counts. These included acting and conspiring to act as unregistered agents of a foreign government; fraud and misuse of identity documents; and, in the case of three of the accused, conspiracy to gather and transmit national defence information. The men were sentenced in December 2001 to prison terms ranging from 15 years to life.

As well as being sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy to gather and transmit national defence information, Gerardo Hernández received a second life prison sentence for conspiracy to murder. This was based on his alleged role in the shooting down byCubaof two planes operated by theUSanti-Castro organization “Brothers to the Rescue” (BTTR), in 1996, in which four people died.